The Dynamo Career Academy

Our world class career development program will guide you to:

  • Identify a compelling strategic plan for your career
  • Gain the confidence to sell your unique strengths
  • Deliver a personally branded career profile that powerfully promotes everything you have to offer!
  • Know where and how to apply for your dream job
  • so so so much more…

We have several program options to choose from ranging from $497-$4997. Each program is carefully crafted to fit your career development needs and deliver DYNAMITE RESULTS. 

Our online learning modules and 1:1 coaching options provide the necessary tools to deliver a deliver a personalized career strategy and implementation plan that will give you the extra boost in confidence to really go for it and knock the socks off your next dream employer!


"As the leading authority on conscious Careers, Sonja is passionate about empowering you to become financially free, to achieve every item on your bucket list, and to utilize your unique skills to make a postive impact in the world."

I will help you find fulfilling work and earn $5k-$50k more per year!

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Dynamo Careers empowers conscious professionals to take your career and your income to the next level – working with a company you actually want to support with your valuable time and prized skills!!


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