Rachel Lyn R.  

I got a $5,000 signing bonus!!! "Sonja helped me prepare my resume and prepare for that first most awkward interview question in an interview: 'So, tell us a little about yourself.' As my career coach,Sonja had me inventory the best experiences of my life. This helped me to articulate the positive qualities that were essentially me. These exercises were profoundly influential. When I interviewed for the position I have now. I listed my three best qualities with confidence. She also gave me practical tips and behavioral coaching to manage myself in the negotiation conversation. It was an amazing relief to have a specific strategy going in to that conversation, which resulted in a $5,000 signing bonus!"

 Dawn J.

I transitioned into a new industry and received a 42% pay increase! "Sonja helped me get clear about what I want, and what I'm worth vs. what I think others will think I'm worth. She helped me to create it even through I didn't completely believe it was possible. I transitioned into a new industry and received a 42% pay increase!!"

 Michael C.

I had tangible results with interview requests the first 2x I used my new resume -- resulting in a job offer! "Without knowing much about the specific insdustry in which I work, Sonja was able to transform my resume into one that highlighted the skills and experience that were most important to the particular job description. The resume was laid out so that I could easily re -organize it and communicate specific skills for various job postings. Her recommendations helped my resume to get the attention of the right people. I had tangible results with interview requests the first two times I used my new resume -- resulting in a job offer!"

 Nancy G.

I started getting 2x the response rate: my interviewers were imprssed!
"Sonja's coaching helped me realize my full potential She has a comforting way about her that taught me how to be my best self. Sonja juiced up my resume which helped 2x the response rate I was getting from my applications.She coached me so passionately and I felt she was personally invested in my success.

The 1:1 coaching honed my intrviewing skills on every level,even helping me perfect my speaking tone and cadence. My interviewers were impressed!"

 Amy J.

I have healthy career goals that utilise my personal ambitions and my overall life purpose!!
"Sonja helped me set my sights on making healthy career goals, where I could utilize my personal ambitions and find my overall life purpose. She made my resume clear, concise, and professional; targeting key words and important skills needed to land a professional job.
Sonja coached me through interview mock scenarios; which increased my self- confidence in how to approach interview question and how to negotiate pay rates.  As a result, Sonja 's coaching sessions aided me in focus and clarity on my job hunt and she helped me build professional skills neeed not only in finding a job but in my overall career and life goals."

 Walter E.

I will definitely work with Sonja again!! "Sonja brings a creative energy to her work that is simply amazing. Her insights as a coach and consult will challenge and support you in the pursuit of your dreams. I will definitely work with Sonja again!!"

 Traca S.

HUGE GAME CHANGER:I'm now going after the jobs I deserve to have, but didn't have the guts to shoot for before!! sonja has been the single best Investment I've made since college. Not a day goes by that I don't wish I met her sooner. I was stuck, and so frustrated with how my career was progressing.
We did a fair amount of work determining what my strengths and values were. From there, Sonja helped craft a dynamic resume. She wrote it andword smithed it into something! was truly proud of. The thing that impressed me the most is that the things! always thought were flaws ("You have too many ideas!')... are actually strengths. She also revamped my Linkedln profile and coached me how to nail those'gotcha' interview questions.
I'm now going after the jobs I deserve to have, but didn't have the guts to shoot for before.
She saw me all the way through to salary negotiations. It's been a huge game-changer for me!!

 Amber M.

After working with Sonja I have more clarity on the path to get my dream job "I was at the point of being willing to take any Job and was questioning my value in the career field I had chosen. After workig with Sonja I have more:
•Clarity on the path to get to my dream job
•Confidence in intervieing
•Confidence to ask for more money

Not only did I get the job, I am clear of the value I bring and how to have employers see that.
Dynamo Careers is a worthwhile investment!"

 Alianna C.

All I was reaching for a year ago is NOW in my life! "I was disorganized and lacked time -management, but the gentle and consistent help of Dynamo Careers got me ontrack to organize my time and focus on my goals.
All I was reaching for a year ago is NOW in my life! Thank you Sonja for your amazing patience and guidance, Icouldn't have been this successful without your help."

 Rachel W.

Sonja illuminates and inspires everyone she works with to succeed "Sonja is a dedicated and powerful leader who carries her passion for her work like a huge torch, illuminating and inspiring everyone she works with to succeed."


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