Sonja "Dynamo" Price

As leading authority on Conscious Careers, Sonja is passionate about empowering you to become financially free, to achieve every item on your bucket list, and to utilize your unique skills to make a positive impact in the world.  
Wanna know the least awkward way
to negotiate a higher paying salary??
The Dynamo Philosophy
Today’s economy requires a self-directed career, which means it’s up to you to define the best strategy to have a passion-filled profession. 

Dynamo Careers provides workshops and individual coaching for people who want to have it all, fulfilling work and a joyous life -- an authentic work/life balance.

Using a holistic and sustainable approach to career development, the Dynamo Career Philosophy is in the art and science of finding yourself, learning to promote yourself, and above else - always staying true to yourself.

Dynamo Careers provides strategic planning for career and life satisfaction through support with:
  - Identity Discovery
  - Resume Writing
  - Job Search
  - Networking
  - Interviewing
  - Salary Negotiation
  - On-going Career Management 

We would be honored to partner with you to defining and land the next chapter in your rockstar career! more...
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